Kodex haven’t just created a beautiful butt rest with the Klampdown; it’s also very clever and totally customisable…
THIS DINKY, well-designed butt rest has a secret: change-over inserts, meaning it’ll firmly grip both abbreviated or shrink-wrap size rod handles. And by ‘grip’, we mean total lockdown security. Thanks to the soft TPE centre, the rod’s handle doesn’t get damaged or marked; plus, when the rod’s pulled forward – i.e. on a take, the rest actually grips more! However, strike/lift the rod and you’ll find it easily detaches.
There’s more: the nickel-plated brass thread has been set in the mould – not glued in position – so it’ll never break, and there’s also coloured coded inserts which sit on the top edge and allow you to match your butt rests to your bobbin and bite alarm colours.
And in true Kodex style, they’ve mixed clever design with a great price. £7.50 buys you the butt rest, the two inserts and the five different coloured inserts.

Zdroj: www.carpology.net